Securely, pay your ride with iDEAL. After you’ve booked online, you’ll get a confirmation email with a link to make the payment. After your payment with iDEAL, you will receive a confirmation of your payment by email. From that point forward your booking is finalized. We charge € 2 per transaction.

iDEAL-Credit Card (American Express, Visa or Master Card)

Would you like to pay for your ride online using your Credit Card or PayPal? This is also possible. In addition to the amount you will see on the rates page, €5 will be added. These are the costs that the bank charges us.


You can also pay cash of course. Just mention it when you book by phone or online.

Credit Card in the taxi

Apart from paying for your ride in the taxi, you can pay for your ride(s) using your credit card. You will pay an additional €5 per transaction for the costs of using the credit card. After you have paid for your ride, you will receive always a receipt from the driver. You can pay in the taxi using the following credit cards:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express

Child seats

We also offer the service of transporting your children in a seat or an elevation. The costs for these seats are €5 each per ride. Especially for children, we have the following seats:

  • Maxi-Cosi (0 to 1 year)
  • Child seats (1 to 4,5 year)
  • Seat elevation (at a length of over 1.35 meters)

Taxis are not obliged to transport children in a seat. Of course, it is up to you whether you would like a seat. It could happen that your driver does not carry a child seat due to delays. If you pay for your child seat in advance, you will receive a refund.

Multiple addresses

If you require being picked up from multiple addresses, this is of course possible. When driving to multiple addresses, a premium of at least €5 per extra address is calculated. The exact amount will be calculated based on the distance of the addresses. Below you can request a quote. This quote will be valid 30 days. With your order number, the additional costs are automatically listed and added to your order.


You agree to our conditions concerning cancellations if you book with us:

  • More than 48hrs before departure: no refund/but a voucher with the maximum of 2 years of the paid amount
  • Between 48hrs and 24hrs before departure: no refund/but a voucher with the maximum of 1 years of the paid amount
  • Within 24hrs before departure: no refund/but a voucher with the maximum of 6 months of the paid amount
  • Within 8hrs before departure: no refund/no voucher


Airport Taxi services are not liable when you do not book your ride in time; unforeseen circumstances may occur such as traffic queue, heavy weather, detour, breakdown etc. Therefore you are required to adhere to the rules of the airline company concerning your registration time.

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